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  1. Globe tattoo
  3. Browser ( mozilla or google chrome)
  4. Parent proxy
  5. Account in CPROXY
  6. Utak. Hahaha

Procedures in globe tattoo:

  1. Connnect the globe tattoo usb modem
  2. Go to Tools > Option > Profile Management then edit
  3. Change nyo APN internet.globe.com.ph to http.globe.com.ph
  4. APN means Access Point
  5. Tapos Save > Ok then Connect

Like this:

Procedures for CPROXY:

1. Download kayo ng cproxy then install nyo sa pc nyo.


  • speed up the access to the Internet - saving your time and the time you pay for in case you need to access the Internet through a modem.
  • reduce the volume of transferred data =-saving the money you pay for transferred data in case you access the Internet through GPRS, this is through a hardwired line with a calculated volume of data.
  • be anonymous - anybody will be able to find out your real IP address.
  • protect your privacy - neither your employer nor ISP will have no possibility to check what web sites you browse

Download it HERE

2. Config nyo na yung cproxy ng ganto

- Server under preference piliin nyo coolhousing.net:80

- Under preference ulit, click the Parent proxy and check the connect through parent proxy
Mark the selected HTTP Tunnel

Sa Address: "Working Parent proxy" e.g Address: port: 80

- Tapos under Preference ulit, click Bypass and uncheck the activate bypass if the server is unreachable

- Back to Preference, input working USERID and PASSWORD

Then Apply, Ok

Procedure how to config your browser (FIREFOX)

1. Go to Tools > Option > Advance > Network Tab > Settings

2. Lagay nyo to

HTTP Proxy: port 3128
SSL Proxy: port 3128
SOCKS: port 9000

3. Then Ok


1. Go HERE

2. And Here

3. Register like this 84757416@muffsluts.com

- Ginawa kong userid yung 84757416 para mapabilis yung magreregister, ganun lang din ang gawin nyo kapag magreregister ulit kayo ng panibagong accounts. Para mapabilis kayo at copy/paste nalang diba.hehehe

4. Punta kayo ng mailcatch.com, then type nyo sa check your inbox yung email kanina na pinang register nyo. E.g 84757416@muffsluts.com pero tanggalin nyo na yung @muffsluts.com

5. Go, then click Registration to system CPROXY

6. Tapos kunin nyo na yung USERID and PASSWORD tapos lagay nyo sa CPROXY nyo


Ang isang CPROXY account ay tumatagal ng 3 days pero may limit ang bandwidth nya na 50MB kya kung ako sainyo every day 3-5 CPROXy accounts ang gawin nyo.

Mabagal makareceive ngayon sa mailcatch at iba pang mga email sites. Siguro dahil sa paguupgrade ng system ng cproxy. Antayin nyo nalang yung mga mail sainyo ng cproxy estimated time ko ay 20 - 30 minutes.

List of Working Parent Proxies: ( TESTED ) ( TESTED ) ( TESTED ) 8080 ( TESTED ) 8080 ( TESTED ) 8080 ( TESTED ) 8080 ( TESTED ) 8080 ( TESTED ) ( TESTED ) ( TESTED )

How to find and check Parent Proxy if working?

Go to this SITE

Anonymous at port 80 and 8080 lang ang kunin nyo a.

For smartbro user:

I can unlock your smartbro usb modem to use globe sim just pm me the IME number sa facebook ko make sure na nakalogin kayo sa FB bago nyo iclick to JEFF1DOWN

Other smartbro usb modem lalo na yung bago ay hindi naaunlock yung mga lumang model lang ang pwede.

Ito and speed ng internet ko based sa proxy na ginamit ko. Hanap nalang kayo ng mas mabilis jan.hehehe

Update 7/26/10

Cproxy Instant Account Generator by Ljworks and XXJMXX

Click HERE or HERE please use firefox as your browser to get CPROXY accounts.

Update 7/27/10

Creating Disposable Email Using Your Yahoo Accounts

1. Login to your yahoo accounts

2. Go to option then mail option

3. Select disposable email addresses

4. Add address

5. Create a base name then click next

6. Input your desire keyword then deliver message to: choose your desire folder

7. You can continuously add keywords in disposable addresses by clicking add address

8. Now you can use the disposable email to sign up in CPROXY, you can view you CPROXY accounts in the folder that you have chosen before.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to remove Remote Administrator Tool (RAT) and Keyloggers

Definition for RAT

What is a RAT?
Well to start off, The term RAT is short for Remote Administration Tool.A quick definition of a RAT (Remote Administration Tool): RAT'S are used to connect and manage a single or multiple computers with a variety of tools, such as:
  • Screen/camera capture or control
  • File management (download/upload/execute/etc.)
  • Shell control (usually piped from command prompt)
  • Computer control (power off/on/log off)
  • Registry management (query/add/delete/modify)
  • Other product-specific function
Direct Connection
A direct-connect RAT is a simple setup where the client connects to a single or multiple servers directly. Stable servers are multi-threaded, allowing for multiple clients to be connected, along with increased reliability.

Reverse Connection
RATs that utilize reverse connection have a few major advantages, such as the ones listed below:
  • Outgoing connections generally are less treating, and are less likely to be detected or blocked by a firewall, such as a router.
  • Since the remote's computer is connecting to the remote administrator, he or she will not need to know the remote's IP address in order to connect.
  • The remote administrator does not need to know to which or how many computers the RAT is being installed on, which allows for mass-distribution.
  • If mass-distributed, it is much easier to keep track of the computers the RAT is installed on, since they are all "calling home" by connecting to the remote administrator.

Are RATS Legal/Illegal?
Well, It is actually both. There are RATS that are Legal and that are actually Illegal. The difference between them both are the fact that, Legal RATS inform the connected remote that you are on the computer, And Illegal RATS do NOT inform the remote that you are on the computer.
So basically to break things down. Legal means the person has full control as well. They can kill the connection any time they please. No backdoor is left on their PC, and it is in your network.
Illegal means the person does NOT know you are connected and they have no knowledge you are till you take action, they have no control to kill the connection (unless they unplug the internet). But even then, a backdoor is left on the computer meaning anytime the computer is on and the internet is up, You can connect anytime you want. You can destroy files, download files, steal information, Basically make their life miserable.
Some legal RATS are
Team Viewer - TeamViewer establishes connections to any PC or server all around the world within just a few seconds.
Ammyy Admin
- Ammyy Admin is a highly reliable and very friendly tool for remote computer access.
Mikogo - Mikogo is an easy-to-use cross-platform desktop sharing tool, ideal for web conferencing, online meetings or remote support.
Ultra VNC
- Ultra VNC is a powerful, easy to use and free software that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen.

Some illegal RATS are:

  • Spy-Net
  • Cerberus Rat
  • Cyber Gate Rat
  • Sub Seven
  • Turkojan
  • ProRat
Remote Administrator Tools Question & Answer

Q - Whats RAT?
- A RAT is also a shortcut called Remote Administrator Tool. It is mostly used for malicious purposes, such as controlling PC's, stealing victims data, deleting or editing some files. You can only infect someone by sendin
g him file called Server and they need to click it.
- How they work?

A - Some RATs can spread over P2P file sharing programs(uTorrent, Pirate Bay etc.), Messengers spams(MSN, Skype, AIM etc.).
- How do I control server?

- Once installed, RAT server can be controlled via RAT client. From IP list box you c
hoose PC and connect.
- How do I port forward?

- Port forwarding is easy and important for RAT. Well, you need open port because RAT connects through open port and bypass firewall. Open your web browser and write your IP and connect to your rooter(write Username: Admin & Password: Admin), open port forward page and write port you want and your IP. Well that's all you need to do and now you got open port

How to remove RAT's or Keylogger when you are infected:

A. Download Hijackthis - from trend micro anti virus
This is the link DOWNLOAD THIS

B. Follow this steps


First open hijackthis and click on " Do a system scan and save a log file "
( it will show you all the registry in your system ). Close the notepad that will pop-up in the screen.
It looks like this:

2. Rat and keylogger are mostly store in " HKCU " or " HKLM " so find in this registry so key logger must be name as server.exe or svchost.exe ( hacker name the server as some system file )
See the image below:

3. Put mark on it and click " fix checked " it will ask you " Fix 1 selected item ? This will permanently delete and/or repair what you selected " click yes. Then restart your PC.


You can also use Adramax Keylogger Remover for Adramax Keloggers

1. Run Adramax Keylogger Remover
2. Check all
3. Then Remove, restart your PC

This is the link: Download This

"Credits to HF site for some information"